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Thread: Its going by fast.

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    Its going by fast.

    Hunter will be 4 months June 18, and its going by so fast. He can already roll over..he started that at 2 1/2 months which is super early I heard. He's laughing now, and scooting..Its crazy how fast it goes.. He weighs about 16 lbs now, which is almost double his birth weight. He looks like a 6 month old instead of a 3 month old lol.
    When do they start crawling? about what age?
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    They usually start crawling around 6 months or after, some skip it all together. Hunter is a cutie! Jack and him are a week apart!
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    Its so sad how quickly they grow.

    He will be crawling before you know it.
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    DD didn't start crawling until she was about 9 months..but I have heard and scene boys start things earlier then girls..but of course every baby is different...I am sad that Emma is already 14 months old...I miss my little baby!

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