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Thread: Bella's 6mo check up!

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    Smile Bella's 6mo check up!

    Bella had her 6 month well baby today and she is doing great. She is 16 lbs 8 oz Exactly double her birth weight I am so happy about that. The doctor said she is growing right on track and that she is going to be crawling before I know it. She said she is strong enough for it, I just dont put her down enough for her to do it. I know, bad mommy but she is my baby and I am not ready for her to be that mobile yet

    We are still BFing and that is going great. We just started doing baby signing and I cant wait til she signs at me

    I talked to the doc reguarding me not being able to drink milk b/c it put Bella in lots of pain and she told me to try an ounce a week for the next few weeks and then go to two, ect. I hope it works, I want milk!!
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    Sounds like she's doing great!

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