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Thread: Bottle Feeders

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    Bottle Feeders

    Do you use the drop-ins or regular bottles?

    Pros/cons besides the bottle washing?

    I've been using the drop-ins and kind of want to switch to regular bottles (less little bags all over the house) but I don't know if it's going to bum my little man out. He's really gassy so I don't know if it would have a bad impact?
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    I didn't like them personally because the ones I got always seemed to be wrinkled and I could never tell if I was giving her the right number of oz.'s. But gas wise I heard they are the best. If BF'ing doesn't work out with the lil man I'm going to try them again, because my daughter had major gas issues and I could never find a bottle to work.

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    We started with the drop ins, but it got too much of a hassle.. especially while we were out. She wasn't gassy so I'm not sure about that part of it.. but they are supposed to be better for "gassy" babies since they don't have any/much air in them.

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    Try the Dr.Brown's bottles- it is DS's second favorite after the NUK ones and it seems to have helped his gas a lot.
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    We used the drop ins, vent air's , dr browns, and regular ole target winnie the pooh bottles with Jackson. All of mine- we had no issues with washing since we just tossed them into the dishwasher.
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    I use drop ins at the house, and regular bottles for either going out and/or daycare.

    Lil' bebe doesn't care, as long as she's eating.
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    I really dislike the drop in style for formula feeding. I haven't used them in years so maybe its changed but if you want to feed a full 8 oz you can't. Once you add the water there no room to add the powder. We always had to pre mix the formula in a separate container.

    I BF my own kids though and thats the only style we use. I like Avent because the bottle attaches to the pump. I can pump right into the bag and never have to pour the milk into anything else. I like that I can squeeze all the air out. It seems to make a difference. I usually froze my milk and the bags thaw much faster than milk in a container.
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    We use the drop ins. I like them.

    I do have to mix it in a seperate container though otherwise I have no idea how much i'm giving the kiddo.

    As far as expense for the liners I buy the Target brand for $1.50. They work just great.

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    DS gets a bottle occasionally, and we use Avent bottles. I've never used drop-ins, so I can't really compare. But I've used Avent with both boys and like them.
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    If I were to switch Kat Kat from the Drop in system, I'd go to the Vent-Air from Playtex. Pretty much the same nipple, so less confusion.
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