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Thread: Not again

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    Neutral Not again

    Dawson went to see the specialist last week and they drew some blood to do some tests. Some of the tests (white count and potassium) were off so we had to go back in yesterday to get it redrawn. Now the white count is peachy but the potassium is still elevated. Since that can mean kidney/adrenal problems, we have to go get yet another blood sample done.

    I work in a lab so I know what goes on and that it needs to be done, but I just hate doing this to him. His poor arm is all bruised because they've repeatedly stuck him and he just looks at me like "mom! stop them!" when i'm pinning him down so they can get to him. I feel terrible.

    So tomorrow morning we're off to the lab again.
    If you can spare any, good thoughts, vibes, prayers would be appreciated. Hopefully this will be the last time and better yet, that nothing is seriously wrong.

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    Aw, that makes my hurt... when lil' bebe had to get her blood drawn last week... not a peep outta her. First, the HM who did it was awesome, and I was feeding her so she would lay still.

    Anyway, I totally know what it feels like for lots and lots of tests, so if you need a shoulder, you know where my PM box is.

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    I hope everything turns out well. Poor guy
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    poor thing. lots of
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    I hope eveything turns out ok and this is the last test for a little while.
    I would like to be with my for a while but thats what made me so tired in the first place!

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