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Thread: Newborns and Kittys?

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    Question Newborns and Kittys?

    Would any of you kitty mamas share any information or advice with me on how the transistion went with bringing home baby?
    My babies are sweeties but have never been around a baby. Jerron is 5.5 and we have only had the kittys for a year so he was older.
    I catch Zooey sleeping in the baby bed, bassinet and stroller all the time so Im kind of nervous about that. Zeus is gunshy with new things (he was pretty much wild till I got him at 12 weeks so he is still skiddish at times with strangers/strange things) I just don't buy that crap by Mom always trys to pull about cats and babies are a deadly combo. I think there are plenty of people with cats and babies that are just fine.
    Advice Please!!
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    i would like to know as well. gigi is very snuggly and we're a little nervous about her trying to snuggle with baby.
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    my cats slept in the baby bed until he got home, i washed all the blankets and bedding before i put him in there so there was no hair there plus i vaccummed

    now they know to stay out of there just instict with my cats i guess that and i remind them to get out
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    let them sniff the blanket the baby was in and if they do well with that then, if they seem fine, let them see the baby. My cats never minded the baby. They generally stayed away from him.
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    We had the exact same situation except our kitties had never been around kids at all. They also got in the pack 'n play and everything a lot. We took an extra receiving blanket with us to the hospital and they used that as the first thing that they wiped Corn Muffin off with and wrapped her in and what not. Then when my mom and dad came back to the house that night, they brought that and the first hat the hospital had put on her back and put them in places the cats would see and smell them. The cats both investigated and apparently one of the kitties curled up on the blanket and snuggled with it. It worked well for us, we have not had one moment of hostility from the pets since we brought Muffin home. Bagheera adopted her pretty much instantly and watches over her, and Mojito just treats her like a member of the family. The thing we have avtually had to watch out for is that the cats want to love on her, and they love on people by walking on them, sitting on them, curling up right on your chest/neck/face, etc. so we just have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't accidentally hurt her by trying to be friendly and loving. They don't put claws out around hr or show their teeth or hiss at her or anything though. We do make sure they are out of the room and the door is closed to whatever room she is in if she is sleeping and we are not there or are asleep ourselves.
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    We didnt do anything tbh. Our first cat was still very much a kitten when we brought Jackson home and she never tried to harm him or anything. She jumped in the bassinet ONE time and sniffed Jackson and DH smacked her and she never again got in the bassinet or his crib. Sure she would come around and sniff him but for the most part, she just carried on like he had always been there.
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    we didn't do any planning ahead but my cat did just fine with my baby. She still ignores her now.... as far as Lucy (cat) is concerned... there is no baby living in our house!

    I have heard that if you bring the baby blanket home with the baby scent it can help animals transition.

    My only advice is to keep the nursery door closed while the baby is sleeping. Other that you should be just fine!

    BTW, don't ever get rid of an animal just because other people scared you! I had so many people telling me to get rid of my dog and cat and you know what??? they are AWESOME with DD. My dog barks at me when I am in the shower and DD wakes from her nap! She lets me know when the baby needs me! Animals are a lot smarter than people give them credit for!
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    We didn't let mya sleep on baby things at ALL. If we caught her, she got yelled at. She learned to stay off. We also keep the baby's bedroom door closed for the most part so she knows not to even go in... and I don't let her in even when I'm in there just to keep the habit.

    Otherwise, she doesn't care about the baby at all... actually.. she might be scared of molly hahaha.

    My mom's cat loved molly.. wanted on her stuff and to smell her all the time. We just kept things out of his reach and never left Molly unattended. He learned to not go too close as well.
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    The cats... really don't care that lil' bebe is in the house.

    I've caught each of them, once, in her bassinet since we brought her home. They get yelled at, so they got the hint (for the most part ) that they aren't allowed in there.

    Of course, I let them go in her room (they probably spend more time in there than lil' bebe does) and they've sniffed her every once in a while. But for the most part, they ignore her.

    The dog... slightly different.
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    i have a cat, but no advice! robin was pissed when i brought e home. for a LONG time. he finally came around about 6 weeks, but not like he used to.

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