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Thread: Okay munchkin

  1. deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    Grumpy Okay munchkin

    It is now two hours past your bedtime. It is way beyond time for you to go to sleep. I love you very very much but Mommy is ready to go to bed. I understand that you want to stay up and play but if you go to sleep now I'll play with you extra tomorrow.

    Man, I hope this means he'll sleep in a little tomorrow.
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    I hope he sleeps a little longer for you too. I myself just finally got little man to go to bed. I just hope this isn't one of the nights where he decides he wants to wake up every 2hrs.
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    Mine has been going to sleep later, too! Like an hour and a half later - he finally goes to sleep when I want to go to bed. It's kinda exhausting!

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