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Thread: Off to the specialist

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    Sad Off to the specialist

    Dawson went in for his 1 month checkup this past Friday and we mentioned the fact he has been crying literally non stop. I really didn't have to mention it though because he was screaming bloody murder the whole time anyway. I was 99% sure it was colic but after I told the doc a few more of his symptoms the doc doesn't think it is, and that it has something to do with his refulx just being a lot more severe than we had anticipated.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately actually because the doc got a first hand visual, Dawson threw up practically everything I had fed him TWO HOURS PRIOR. It soaked his onsie and was just a big mess. The doc asked "when did you feed him last?" and when I said over two hours ago he was like...

    He is also starting to have choking and gasping attacks, on top of a few other symptoms. So we are being referred out to a GI doc. Hopefully it won't take too long to get in. The pediatrican was a bit concerned because of the long wait that it usually takes to get in with Tricare.

    I hope to God we don't have to wait months or weeks to get is horrible listening to him scream and knowing he is in pain. The poor kiddo can't even sleep longer than an hour because the acid just eats away at him. He's already on 30mg of Prevacid and on special formula. I feel terrible for him.

    So if you could spare some good vibes or prayers or would be much appreciated. Thanks ladies!
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    Hang in there. I know how stressful it is when a new baby is sick.
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    Oh Sweetie.
    I hope that you get the referal ASAP and that this Dr can give him something to soothe his tummy so he can be pain free. I want to cry for him. to you Mommy and lots of
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    Good luck hun! I hope they are able to get him in fast and find out what is making him feel icky Big hugs!
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    i am so sorry hun! praying for you and your little one!

  6. deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    Poor little guy and poor mommy for having a fussy baby. I hope they can figure out what's wrong with him.
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    Oh wow Shannon, I feel so bad for you having to deal with this and for Dawson for obvious reasons. I will hard that he gets seen fast and they can figure it out and it be taken care of quickly and relatively easily. If you need ANYTHING you let me know, ok?

    It kills me when Muffin cries when I'm driving and I can't do anything about it, I can't imagine what you're having to go through. hang in there okay? Is there anything you need that I can help you with?
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    In my experience, tricare generally moves a little quicker when it involves babies and kiddos. We had a similar issue with my daughter and the referral came thru quickly and it was a quick office visit. The dr. stuck a tube with a cam on it down her nose and throat to look for damage. Hopefully everything turns out ok for you.
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    I hope you get in soon! Poor little guy.

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    awe poor dawson and lots of ers for him to get some help quick and to start feeling better soon
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