Things with Peanut and I are looking up. The cosleeper is really helping us both get back to sleep faster at night and I feel like I can be a mom and a wife again.

For the moment, it seems my meds are starting to work and I am able to function again.

Peanut has grown a pound (6 lbs 7 oz now!) so I was able to get her into the Bjorn this morning and we took the dog for a walk instead of having to haul out the stroller. Once I got the dog to stop barking at the Bjorn, it was a pretty good little stroll.

The roofers finished up yesterday so no more constant pounding on the roof and flinging shingles! (Although the lawn people are here today. ) I never realized all the fun stuff I missed while I was working.

On a sad note...DH left for the field today. I'll post a different one about that though. Thanks ladies for being my shoulder and I hope everyone is having an "up" morning.