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Thread: Sleeping or not?

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    Question Sleeping or not?

    When Dawson is waking up he goes through this period of getting super wrestless. He'll start kicking and grunting, his breathing speeds up almost as if he is about to cry at any moment. I always thought he was awake and getting frustrated and gearing up to cry to announce his awakening, but upon further review I think he may still be asleep. His eyes are still closed and he always looks damned surprised when I pick him up.

    Anyone else have a munchkin that does this? I've just never seen it...

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    Alexis used to.. I chalked it up to her having a bad dream. I now let her wake herself up and let her play in her crib when she wakes up and entertain herself. As long as she wasn;t crying, noneed to go in and get her right away.

    Sorry for the threadjack, but yes, Alexis used to do that all the time.. she actually still does at some points.

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    There are times that Matt will do that but he's not really waking up. I normally just rub his back until he calms down and falls back into his deep sleep.
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    my last little one did that... i had to kick her out of my room soon after we came home from the hospital because every time she would do it, i would be instantly awake only to find a sleeping baby... as if i was not exhausted enough. LOL. she is now 3 and is still a restless sleeper.
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    Peanut makes all kinds of noises in her sleep. She also opens her eyes and rolls them around in her sleep. I talked to the pediatrician about it yesterday and she said "Oh she may be an early talker. She is very alert and expressive."

    DH was thrilled. He already thinks I chatter to MYSELF too much.

    I would like to be with my for a while but thats what made me so tired in the first place!
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    Muffin takes a while to wake herse;lf up though, which means in the middle of the night i lie there awake forever before she finally becomes conscious and is ready to eat.

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