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Thread: Swaddle me no more?!?!

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    Swaddle me no more?!?!

    I have the Kiddopotomus Swaddler....very basic.....Anyway Jack is 4 mo old now and I still swaddle him at night. I started this routine with him at bed where I feed him, go in lay him down in the crib, swaddle him, turn on the mobile and the music and night night! He goes right to sleep EVERY night (knock on wood) BUUUT I am wondering - at 4 mo is it still safe to swaddle? I want to break the habit before he gets to rolling over and such right? Now that he is a wiggle worm is it safe to swaddle him and his hands not be free? It's just that he is a restless sleeper and the swaddler helps to make him feel more secure.....PLEASE HELP!!!! I am begging!
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    So - in my hospital, we swaddle kids as long as they are comfortable. You can still swaddle - just keep his arms out if it makes you more comfortable. Unfortunatly, this isn't something that can go by an age basis. It's what you are comfortable with and what allows him to sleep well!

    I swaddled a 5 month old today - just left her arms out. Good luck!
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    I still swaddle. Paul is 3 months... good question, we have the same routine!
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    arms out when they start rolling
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    We are 6 months and still swaddle. My dh loves to snuggle in blankets.

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    We swaddled until 6 months - but we used receiving blankets (there are big ones you can get from walmart, I'll find a link for you) so once he could roll, he could get his arms out. But we found having his arms in helped him calmed down and relax for bed.
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    Bella is almost6 months and we still swaddle. I see no harm in it.
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    Both my babies HATED being swaddled! I say as long as your baby is comfortable then I would keep doing it.
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    I have a ton of Kiddapotamuses! Peanut loves them. Fleece at night and cotton during the day. She's like Houdini and can get one arm out of it no matter how tight we make it.
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    we swaddled the girls till they where 5-6 months old.... and really they are the ones that stopped.

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