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Thread: Baby's coming home outfit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heather View Post
    No, they don't have to wear those hats all the time. In the summer the rule I go by is dress baby similar to what i'm wearing and in the winter I dress baby like what I'm wearing plus one layer, a hat and blanket.
    Thanks! That's good to know!
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    DD was born in August and we had her in a sundress and cardi and then wrapped her in a blanket with a hat on her head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaky View Post
    Do they have to leave the hospital with a hat? I thought they have to wear those caps all the time when they are newborn but I'm a soon to be newbie mommy lol

    We would have been in trouble if this was the case. DD was so big NONE of the hats they had in the maternity ward for newborns (or the newborn "I love my Daddy" super soft hat we'd bought ourselves before she was born for her to wear in there since DH was deployed) fit her. All of them would just pop off her head every time we tried to put one on her. The nurses brought in their whole basket of hats and tried them all on her and they'd all just comically pop off her head. So she ended up not wearing at hat at all even the whole time we were in the hospital.

    I think a sun dress would be fine and look super cute!! Go for it!
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    I plan on putting Hailey in a sun dress she will be born in August in Louisiana and it will be over 100 by then!
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    Bella will be born in June/July and it will be SUPER hot here and i have a few outfits picked out that im taking with us to the hospital. 2 of them are the spaghetti type of outfits I think a sundress will be great!
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    I am planning on having her wear a little sundress and a hat.
    I'll have a receiving blacket on hand too just in case.
    I am due in June, so it will be pretty hot here by then.
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    Of course it's ok as long as you post pics
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    We are having our baby girl in June and I have already purchased a cute newborn summer dress.
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    They may gripe you out at the hospital, if so make sure to bring blankets and a hat. Babys can not hold thier temps and get chilled really fast. Just make sure to keep her wrapped up tight, they say look at what you have on and add a layer to a baby.
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