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Thread: I am sooo glad we got my glider

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    Big Grin I am sooo glad we got my glider

    We originally got my glider rocking chair because I like them and they are so comfortable and I thought it'd be nice for nursing in the middle of the night when she's in the nursery. Well, I have now decided it was an excellent investment. When Muffin gets fussy or won't go to sleep we go to the glider and it puts her right out. And the cushioning is comfy enough that even my still-hurting post-partum bottom can sit in it to rock her without just dying. I'm so glad we got it!
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    I loved the glider in my little brother's room.
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    that's how i feel about our recliner i decided to get one instead of a glider for the babys room and it helped those first couple weeks when she only wanted to be held to sleep

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    Gliders ROCK!

    I was a bit of a moron and accidentally bought just the ottoman so we ended up with 2 ottomans and the glider. The ottoman is downstairs and I rock her on that. The glider ottoman combo is in her nursery upstairs and I use that at night. It is SO worth it.

    I would like to be with my for a while but thats what made me so tired in the first place!

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