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Thread: Calling all breastfeeders and pumpers

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    Help Calling all breastfeeders and pumpers

    Ok ladies...

    I need some answers. Out of all of you who pumps their milk? Is it useful? What breast pump do you have? What is the ups and downs of the double and single boobie pump.

    I am thinking of getting one but I am so confused.
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    I pumped for almost 4 months. I started out with the Medela Harmony maybe? It was the single manual pump. Once I realized I was going to be pumping full time I got the Playtex double electric. I really like the double one because the boob I wasn't pumping would leak like crazy. The electric took a little longer, but it was a lot easier for me. Hope this helps!
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    I liked to pump when I was engorged and I also pumped when I needed to help increase my supply. It's nice to keep some BM frozen for evergencies or if you need someone else to watch the baby. The pump wasn't the most effecient for me but it wasn't terrible.

    I have a Medela pump in style advance, double electric pump.
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    I love my medela. It is the pump in style advance shoulder bag. I had to pump often because I went back to work when Lilly was 5 weeks old. I still use it when Lilly skips a feeding so I can store it for when I need to leave her with someone else. It is very efficient for me. I tried a manual pump and honestly, it just hurt. I know it works opposite for some women though.
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    i pumped every morning after that morning's feed from 3 months-approximately 9 months because i had night classes

    eta: i had a medela swing
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    I had the Avent ISIS Manual pump - it got the most milk.
    I also had the Lansinoh Double Electric. It was really good.

    I loved having milk in the freezer!! It was so handy It gave my husband that chance to bond with Wes, it was nice in case of emergency (which actually happened when I got sick once and my milk dried up for about 24 hours!)
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    I have the medela pump in style duel pump. I used it maybe 10 times... I found it harder and more annoying then breastfeeding. I wish I would of just saved the $$ and didnt get it. I was able to stay home with the twins and breastfeed them till they where 9 months old, so I didn't need a pump.
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    I love my Avent Isis manual pump. Since I only pump here and there, it's perfect, fits great in the diaper bag and my purse for when i go out without the little one.

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    I have a Medela Pump in Style... love it.
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    I used the medela pump in style with the other kids but this time I am just using the medela harmony pump and it gets the job done. I only pump at work and it doesnt take me long.
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