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Thread: Transitioning to Less Naps

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    Transitioning to Less Naps

    At what age did your kids transition from two naps a day to one?

    Everything I have read says it seems to be around 12 months.

    Did anyone else's baby do this earlier?

    I just can't figure my son out. He has bags under his eyes, is rubbing his eyes, but seems to only want to take one nap a day.

    He is a great night sleeper. Usually averaging at least 10 1/2 hours straight through - even up to 12, if he's really tired.

    He recently learnt to pull up to standing and we thought that the novelty of standing was what was disrupting his sleep - but we're just not sure. He took two naps, happily, on Sunday. But then yesterday and today..:

    Can you tell I'm really unsure and struggling?
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    dd did it from about 8 or 9 months.
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    Silas started 1 nap right around 2 months..
    But he sleeps 11 hours at night so I can't complain I guess..
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    My youngest who is almost 9 months takes 1, 4 hour nap in the afternoon. My other boys did the same thing also.
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    the girls started taking 2 hour and a half naps around 5 months... and then around 13 months I turned it into one two hour nap.

    Maybe you just have to re-adjust when he goes down for a nap. And sometimes when they are sleeping really good at night they dont need naps as long or as often. I would try changing the times he goes down before going to one nap.
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    DS1 went to one nap right around a year... it was when he moved to the 1 year old room at daycare.
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    Bailey is 18 months and has only been taking one nap a day for many months.

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