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Thread: Making Your Own Baby Food???

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    Making Your Own Baby Food???

    I have been playing with this idea for awhile. My aunt made her own baby food with my youngest cousin.
    Is it more cost effective to make your own baby food? Pros and Cons?
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    I think the cost is the same. Time wise, its easier to use the premade food

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    The cost depends... if you're going to go with fresh organic stuff, then it could be just as expensive to make your own... if you're not a stickler for that kind of thing, then it can be a lot cheaper to make your own baby food.

    I made baby food for DS1. I found it to be much cheaper than buying premade baby food, and I didn't think that it was too time consuming. I would make a lot at once and freeze cubes in ice trays... then package a few cubes per freezer bag to pull out the freezer as I needed them. I used some fresh fruits and veggies, but I also used canned stuff as well.

    For a cost comparison, one of the first veggies DS tried was carrots. I bought a 1 lb bag of baby carrots on sale for 99 cents. I boiled them until they were soft, put them in the blender, added water, and made about 5 ice trays of baby food (each ice tray would make about 4 servings of carrots for DS1 at that point). How many servings of premade Gerber carrots would I have gotten for 99 cents? It's been awhile since I priced it, but I'd guess 4 at the very most.

    I did buy some premade stuff for convenience when we traveled, but I'd say 90% of what he ate was "homemade".

    Here is a website that was helpful for me:
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    all my friends are pretty "crunchy" and they make their own baby food and freeze it. They love it, and like being able to know what their kids are eating. I personally dont want to spend the time doing it... but really it doesn't take much time, just get one of those Magic Bullet mixer things.. or a food processor and some ice trays(to freeze the food) and your good to go.
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    I make my own. Really it doesnt take that much time. I microwave the food instead of cooking it on the stove. I use fresh organic or frozen organic. The only things I dont make for her is yogurt and cereal (the hard variety). Its super easy to do and Its been cheaper for me. I have two trays to freeze it and then I just pop the cubes I need out the night before and defrost them in the fridge. Sophie has only had store bought food twice and she prefers homemade. I like knowing EXACTLY what goes in her mouth since I have a ton of food allergies/intolerance. I use a baby food cookbook for some of it and the rest I wing it.
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    I made my own baby food for trent. It took 10-15 minutes to make a weeks worth of food. As he got older we would just let him eat off of our plate. I dont think he ever ate baby food. Even with us traveling.

    I plan on doing the same with Katie.
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    I found making babyfood to be easy. I did it once a week and used the freezer trays as everyone mentioned. I liked knowing the content of the food.

    I did find it to be cheaper to buy organic produce and make it myself rather than purchase organic babyfood. Organic babyfood can be pretty expensive. I was in a rural area and joined CSA--community supported agriculture and got local/organics for a good price. I don't think dd ever used baby food from a jar. I used as well. Here is a link for CSA:
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    i made my own too... i pretty much just bought frozen veggies and fruits...applesauce and bananas. I would make simple things at first and as the kids got used to solids i would do things like strawberry, orange, banana or blueberries and banana. i liked it because i knew exactly how much of what was in the food... for example, when you get to the point where you are starting the meat dinners, honestly, i don't think there is much meat in them. Besides that, in the jars, they STINK. <blah> anyway, for the meat dinners, i would boil or grill chicken (you don't want to use too much spice at first... babies do better with bland to start off) and cut it up really fine and add it into the blender with the veggies or potatoes. I did the same things with pork and beef... pasta, rice, or whatever you are making. as the kids got used to the foods, i began to puree whatever we were having for dinner. As for storage... i got the little snack size ziplocs and filled them with a reasonable amount of food for the age of my baby and then froze them flat. It took a total of 3min to thaw them in warm water. It didn't take a lot of time to do... best of luck to ya.
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    I did make his food until our food processor broke.
    Now I buy Earth's Best food (organic) by the case from Babies R Us and it works out cheaper/as cheap. Especially if you get a loyalty card.
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    I don't know about cost because I never compared but I wanted to recommend the magic bullet.... (no not the vibrator ). It's a blender type machine that you can find on infomercials! It's amazing for making baby food!!! It's so easy and gets it really soft and a good texture. DD LOVED bananas and applesauce.
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