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Thread: still hungry

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    Confused still hungry

    So I started Matt on baby cereal a few days ago when he turned four months. He was showing all the signs of being ready for it. I've been giving him a 6 oz bottle and a tbsp of cereal with water for his second feeding (around 10 am) and the same thing at 8 pm right before bed. He's fine for those feedings. He seems very content. But on the in between feedings where I just give him a bottle he still seems hungry. I had been giving him 6 oz but I just bumped it to 8 oz and he still seems hungry after he gets done eating. He actually cries when I take the empty bottle away. Any suggestions?
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    i would use formula to mix it with for some flavor.
    but emilynn does that too. i take the scoop from the formula cans and give her one scoop and a 1/4 of cereal with about 1 1/2 - 2 oz formula, and then 2 baby spoons of baby puree of fruit, and a 6 oz bottle. at first she was just wanting more and more, but as time went on she got used to it.
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    i always mixed the cereal with milk to give it a little more substinance... maybe add a mid-day feeding?

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