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Thread: Fever!!

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    Help Fever!!


    Well not quite yet, it is 99.6, but I am damn close. So is this the time to just try a cool bath or should I break out the infant drops? I have been feeling crummy as well but no fever so it isn't swine flu but this is his first fever & DH just left &, &, & . . . yeah one of those days if you can't tell.

    Anyway- bath or tylenol? TIA!
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    Awww.. does he act like he feels bad too?

    Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. - 1 John 3:18
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    How old is he?

    Sooo I'm guessing it's the little one in your signature.
    Background - I'm a pediatric RN, so...take my advice as you will.

    In babies less than 4 months, our pediatricians strongly encourage parents to call the exchange or the nurse line if their baby has a fever of 100 or greater. Most times, they want the baby brought in for evaluation, as fevers in ones that small are unusual, and their immune systems are not as fully developed, so a fever can be more dangerous.

    I'm not sure what the whether is like there, but try unbundling him/taking off layers.

    Good luck!

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