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Thread: Tell me about your favorite brand of OS CD

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    Question Tell me about your favorite brand of OS CD

    I know will be CDing the baby and i'm ready to start buying. I want to stick with mainly one size. I've heard the babyland diapers from Ebay were good. What kinds to do you like? Did you find OS to be bulky on tiny babies? would it be a good idea to get some small covers or something until shes a little bit bigger? Do OS dipes really hold up to a few years of wearing and washing?

    What kind of inserts do you like best? I've done prefolds but just diaper service kind and the thin gerber ones. Theres so many options out there now. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind trying to choose!
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    bumgenius is my fav.

    all of mine are pretty bulky

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    bumgenius is my favorite for daytime everyday diapers.

    for nighttime i love goodmamas. they are super pricey but very very awesome. they are one size and hold a LOT OF PEE. dd doens't poo at night anymore so we use those.

    cuddlebuns trim cut are great for a cheaper alternative too
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    I like BG at night now. Used prefolds and fitteds too, she was born at only 5lbs and the BG OS just started fitting (she's 10lbs now). I still like prefolds sometimes because they are cheaper... But I'm starting to buy a lot of stuff because I got addicted.
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    hated bumgenius 3.0

    they were great at first but came apart really fast. they are still usable right now but not as good quality as my Tiny Tush one size all in twos.

    i have had these all for about a year and they fit her from two months(when i got them) to now with lots of room to go. She was 10lb at birth and not sure what at two months.. but shes 27lbs now. also the tiny tush has an extra row of buttons so you have an extra size to pick from
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