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Thread: Nuggies Newborn Pure and Natural

  1. *Too Blessed To Be Stressed*
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    Question Nuggies Newborn Pure and Natural

    Any new Mommy's out there bought a pack and tried them?
    I got my sample diaper in the mail yesterday and they are so soft and teeny and I love the simple little baby pooh bear on them.
    It came with a $3 off coupon for a pack of them so I was wondering if anyone had used them if they liked them compared to the Huggies Supreme or Little Snugglers I think they are called now for newborns.
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    I got the same goodie bag.. I'm stoked to use the coopins.. I heart coopins. I think I will use them today at Walmart.

    I shall also stop at the McDs in Walmart and buy a jumbo sized Sweet Tea.
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    I Love the huggies, newborn diapers, my fav, though are the gentle care ones. they are so nice and easy fit on the baby.
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    I want to give them a try. I plan on doing disposables when shes teeny tiny. Cloth is just to bulky for my taste.
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    I'm using the Pampers Swaddlers Preemie. I like that DD hasn't leaked out of them and they actually fit her right now. We got tons of them from the hospital and friends all the way up to size 2 so I'm hoping that I keep liking them until we run out.

    I think I got that sample and used it but don't remember how well it worked. These diaper changes are a blur!

    I would like to be with my for a while but thats what made me so tired in the first place!
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    that sounds cooL!

    i recieved two bags of huggies for my shower and i hated them but i know a lot of people who love them!

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    I plan to buy a pack her ein the next few days. Seventh generation leaks too much and Natures baby care don't stretch enough. My ex sil use them at night for her youngest and she cloth diapers during the day. She likes them.
  8. Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    i requested a sample but i've yet to get it I'm thinking of getting a pack anyways to try!
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    I love pampers swaddlers but really want to try these too.
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    I got the same sample last week. Also there is a $3 coupon on for the pure and Natural.
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