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Thread: baby sleeping on there own?

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    baby sleeping on there own?

    Has any of you put the baby in their own room from day one? How did it go? Did you end up cosleeping?

    We have no place for her to sleep in our room. I can't even get one of those baby basket things for her, I'd have to shove it in the laundry room with the cat box I'm not a huge fan of cosleeping. My bed is my space. Her room is right across the hall. I wouldn't even need a monitor to hear her. Right now I feel like it would be ok but I don't know. Both the older kids slept right next to me for awhile.
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    I did with my first daughter who is my second child but can't find myself to do it again Aiden sleeps right next to us in his crib.
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    The reason we co-sleep is for complete 100% selfish reasons. I dont want to get out of bed, walk to her room, feed her, change her and then walk back to my room.
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    Having him in our room was much easier for the first six weeks since he until that point he waking up multiple times a night. I can't imagine having him not in our room at that point.
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    e was with is for 6 weeks only because we didnt have another room. she was in a bassinet but i often ended up co sleeping in the middle of the night.

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    we were planning to but since i was breastfeeding, it was far easier for me to keep him in our room with us. he was in a bassinet for the first three months in our room. then, he went into his room and took it like a champ! he slept through the night right away and never cried in there. but then again, he slept through the night from day one home from the hospital. lol. i'd have to wake him up to feed him because he was so sleepy.
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    for the first night both dd's slept with us, after that they slept in their cribs.
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    Bailey slept in our room in a bassinet or in the living room in the bassinet while I slept on the couch for 4 months. I have a large fear of SIDS though so I wanted her close. After 4 months I moved her to her crib in her room.
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    We've never had our son sleep in the bed with us.
    He did sleep in a bassinet next to our bed until he was 6 weeks old, though. With the multiple times he was up a night, it was easier.
    After that we transitioned him into his bed - letting him has the first, long sleep in his crib, then in the bassinet after that. And by about 8-10 weeks he was sleeping through the night.
    He did sleep a LOT better in his own crib, in his own room, than next to us.
    We suspect that we disturbed him - moving in our sleep, etc. He could hear us?
    We like that our bed is OUR bed - but that is what works for us.
    I know lots of people who co-sleep and it is exactly what works for them.
    You really do need to try and figure out what works for you - and most importantly, your baby

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