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Thread: My poor baby...they botched it

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    Sad My poor baby...they botched it

    When Dawson was circumsized they used the plastibell method.

    It was supposed to be very easy and just fall off in 5-9 days. Well it hadn't completely fallen off and was hanging on by just the top of the head of the penis. It got really swollen and started oozing so I got him into the pediatrician ASAP today. Well it isn't infected but something was definitly wrong, so they had to take him and remove it themselves. It left a flap of skin still intact (the part that was still attached) so they had to cut that off too. It was horrible. I heard him screaming from down the hall. I was balling, he was balling. Not good.

    He's doing good now but is still pretty swollen. We have some ointment to put on it and the doc's number for this weekend if we have questions. But monday we are going in to make sure all looks well. I'm really hoping it doesnt' come to it but we may end up going to a urologist to ensure it looks the way it is supposed to. Everything works but i'm also really concerned about looks. I don't want him to have issues later because some jackass messed it up, you know?

    I feel so horrible and like a bad mom. I know it isn't my fault but it is so much to go through especially on top of his reflux. He is only 2 weeks tomorrow! He is such a trooper and is trying to be so good but I feel horrible when he starts to cry. I just break on the inside because there isn't much I can do right now.

    I'm not sure what the point of the thread was, just to vent I suppose. Thanks for reading this far.

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    poor lil man I'm so sorry sweetheart & I hope he heals well
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    WOW, I"ve never even heard of that. I'm so sad your son went through that though.
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    o hun im so sorry poor lil baby... he wont remember any of this! dont worry everything will be ok.. try not to stress too much... hugs
    i love my hunni bunni
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    Aw, my heart dropped when I read this I hope little man gets to feeling better!

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    I hope he feels better soon!
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    Poor little guy, but remember all of this is harder on mommy than it is on him.
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    Please don't feel bad, luckily the babies don't remember these things. And it is actually relatively common to have problems with circumcisions, ones that require a "redo" or some form of intervention. You're being a good mom by doing what needs to be done to make him healthy and happy.
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    Aww I hope he heals well!
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    poor baby

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