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Thread: Awesome product for reflux babies

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    Awesome product for reflux babies

    Makkiah has had terrible reflux his entire life. He slept the first 2 years of his life in his Fisher price swing because the angle worked well for him but it sure was a pain to move it upstairs and downstairs every morning, to the hospital when he was admitted, etc. I saw a flyer for this in the pediatrician's office the other day and wish that they had something like this when he was a baby. If we ever do foster care with babies again I will be buying one of these. Just thought I would share as it may help some of you.
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    Neat! We have things like that at the hospital for the babies who have reflux to sleep in.
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    I'm going to tell my friend about this. Her babies have really bad reflux.
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    That is really nifty! I want one for Molly! She doesn't have bad reflux or anything but she prefers to sleep at an incline so that would be much comfier for her... it is way too expensive though. I wouldn't pay that much for it.

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