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Thread: Overflow!

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    Help Overflow!

    I know your milk will regulate to how much your baby needs but this seems rediculous. dawson eats and i do pump but not overly so. my milk is just pouring out. i'm soaking breast pads left and right and by morning i've gotten me wet, my sheets wet, and poor d's onesie is soaked if i'm holding him. And that is with him still feeding twice in the night.

    it is still early so i'm hoping it just needs to find a level so to speak. this doesn't last for the whole breast feeding time does it?

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    It's still early that's why
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    Still early. It'll all work itself out
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    It will figure it self out. Then you get to be about 2 months (after that growth spurt) it gets better.
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    its better later on, but i still soak things sometimes! (i still have to wear a bra all night)

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    I had to wear tighter sports bras at night. That helped me with the leakage.

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