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Thread: i may have figured it out..

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    i may have figured it out..

    i was reading on what to expect about teething. i really think this could be the reason for the non stop crying today.

    the 5 signs it says to look for are crying, gnawing, fasting, drooling and waking (short sleep periods).

    tell me if you think this sounds like that

    we got up today and ellie just wouldnt stop crying, the past 2 days she's had some pretty serious drooling, especially today. it took forever to get her to nap. she slept about twenty minutes maybe. when i was feeding her she kept nursing and refusing off and on all day. while i was feeding her a bottle tonight (do it every night because at the end of the day im all dried up) she just "chewed" on the nipple, wasnt really interested in the milk.

    it said they can show symptoms up to two or three months before they actually get a tooth.. so im thinking maybe this is it??? i hope its not like this everyday!!!

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    it could be. I also know a lot of that sound like she could have an ear infection or some other sickness too. I say give it a few days. If you think it is teeth, try some baby orajel and teething tablets

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