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Thread: Oh, For The Love Of...

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    Oh, For The Love Of...

    I truly wish that lil' bebe would actually sleep for more than 30 mins. through the night.

    Is it possible that she's scared of the dark?!

    It's only at night where she'll wake up at 30 min. increments, "thinking" that she's hungry...

    DH and I finally got some sleep when I caved and let her sleep in bed with us... she slept for 3.5 hours when I did that.

    She just started doing this, like the last two nights.

    Any thoughts/advice?
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    My routine was a warm bath, belly full of food, clean diaper, swaddle and rock to sleep. If those things didn't work, I assumed nothing would.
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    She is still very new to the world. Remember that she spent 9 months non-stop close to you. Try wearing her. she wants that warmth from you as well as hearing a heartbeat. Everything will be fine.
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    I don't think she can be afraid of the dark. She doesn't have the cognitive abilities it takes to be scared yet. Plus, she just spent 9 months in a place that was pretty dark. I agree with what Jill said.
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    I had the same problem with my lil one when we first brought him home. We tried a night light in our room since he slept in there with us, and oddly it worked! I was like seriously how can a newborn be afraid of the dark It may not have been that, but for some reason when the room was not pitch black he slept soooo much better. Ever since then he has to have a night light or he will wake up a million times a night.
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    If co-sleeping is not an option for you, I would recommend swaddling and white noise. Check out the book the happiest baby on the block. It was a great help for me.
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    I'm sorry

    My DS never slept more than 20 minutes at a time. It sucks!! I was exhausted!!

    I always meant to get him back for that when he became a teenager and slept until noon but by then I was so grateful that I didn't have to get up that I let it go. LOL!

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