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Thread: I hate growth spurts

  1. deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    Grumpy I hate growth spurts

    Matt is definitely going through yet another growth spurt right now. He eats like a horse and refuses to stay asleep. Last night he woke up every hour. I had to keep on going into his room to put the paci back in his mouth. I got hardly any sleep. If I wasn't so adamant about not having the baby in the bed, he would have slept with me last night. And of course DH slept through all of it. Don't you hate how men never hear a baby cry. Not to mention the man is still asleep when I had to get up at 6 with the baby on top of not getting any sleep. I don't mean to vent, I'm just so tired! I haven't been this tired since Matt was a newborn. And even then he at least slept two hours before waking up. :gah Just sleep already chid!
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    same boat! katie is nursing non-stop. it will pass
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    Growth spurts suck. Ihope it passes soon

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