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Thread: finger/thumb sucking

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    Question finger/thumb sucking

    For those of you that had/have finger/thumb suckers what age did you get them to stop?

    Bella will not take a paci even though I gave her one within an hour of birth and have tried several kinds. She has found her hand though and has started sucking on it.

    I have always been against it b/c Trinity is a thumb sucker and did it til she was 6. I do not want to deal with that again but there isnt much I can do. Her hands are kinda attached....

    I do swaddle her at night but she manages to get one hand out to suck on it.
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    I was a thumb sucker when I was a kid. I was older when I stopped. My thumbs are two different sizes because of it. The one I sucked is much smaller than my normal one. Thank god my kids were not interested in it. I was very worried because of my own experience.
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    My middle daughter is a thumb sucker and she relies on it Ugh!
    I dread getting her to stop, but my god daughters mother had to get a product out of the pharmacy and it taste really bad but, it worked well for her daughter!
    I'm prob gonna try that as well. She also would tell her that being a big girl was not showing it with her thumb in her mouth!!
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    three kids and the youngest is a 'sucker'. Thumb, pacie, blankets... It's a nightmare. I sucked my fingers until EIGHT. My mom offered me a copper and turquoise ring to quit. But other people I know urged the big boy/girl angle, and others used the bitter apple stuff that armywife mentioned.

    Good luck to you

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