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Thread: What being an APing mama has taught me

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    What being an APing mama has taught me

    Breastfeeding is such a wonderful expierence, but it is one of the most worriesom(sp) things I have ever done. I love the bond that it give me with her, I love that she will rub her hand against me while shes nursing as to say..theses are mine..back off! I can feed her in most places without a problem, you just have to learn how to sit right

    Babywearing is awesome too. I get so many comments from people about her when shes in the PS. OHH she looks so comfy and such. Its wonderful to be able to put her in there and get her to sleep in a minute. Or when shes not feeling well, pop her in there and still get things done.

    Co sleeping, we are trying to shy away from this since she will(hopefully) be rolling soon and I dont want her to fall off the bed. But its so nice to wake up to a sweet little baby face.

    Cloth diapering, so easy and sooo addicting. I realized today that I havent washed dipes since thursday and I still have enough to get through today! PLUS I have more on the way. I love the way they look on her too

    But also as a sad thing, I so wish I had done these things with DS I feel bad that he never got breast milk from me.
    HEHE feel free to share your
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    I love BFing. No bottles, no mess, she's getting the best! I love how she snuggles up to my chest to let me know she's hungry. The bond really is amazing

    It's so funny when you go out and you're baby wearing and see other mama's wearing their babies. It's like you're in a secret club and you get the nod & smile. Every time I go out, I get tons of compliments on the sling. I also love that she's close to me and sees everything from my level. She can feel my heart beat & feel safe. Also, she passes right out after a few minutes of walking! I'm able to do whatever I need done around the house with her in the sling, love it! It's so easy when we're going somewhere to just get out of the car and pop her in the sling and we're off.

    I love co-sleeping with both my girls. Kaia has been sleeping great since she came home from the hospital. Z's always been a great sleeper too. I love not having to get up when I feed Kaia. I love knowing that Kaia will have the same benefits of co-sleeping just like Zoe does

    I just go by what feels right. So far Zoe has turned out pretty amazing and I know Kaia will too

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