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Thread: Nipple Shields

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    Nipple Shields

    Did you use one?
    How long?

    I had to use one with Trent because I have flat nipples but I only used them for about a month and then his suction was strong enough.

    With katie, I started using one in the hospital because I had cracked nipples and they were flat again. I plan on stop using it when my nipple heals but it still hurts to BF and she is over 2 weeks old.
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    I've never even seen one. I have no idea how they work. I'm cookin #3 so I suppose its not something I need
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    I never had to use 1 with my 1st 2 but with my 3rd my nipples were cracked and were really sore for about 2 weeks so I had to use a Nipple Shield for a few days so they would get better
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    Yes I did. Nursing was very painful for the first few weeks. This helped me continue. I got one at target that had a cut out at the top so my DD's nose was still touching skin- i.e. she didn't notice the plastic so much. Worked great for me.
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    I'm using one with DS because I have flat nipples too. I'm wanting to eventually just go natural but he still has a really hard time latching on and gets too frustrated so it works for now.
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    i used n for the first time with Bella b/c I had a huge gash at the base of my nipple. I only used it for a day or two. I had the medela silicon ones.
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    Never used the shields. They were always talked down upon when I looked into them with Sy. Had SUPER flat nipples and someone in the last month of pregnancy with Sy suggested using the Shells. I used those for the last month and BAM now I've got 'em. Wish someone suggested them back in '98 when I had Anya, otherwise BF'ing would have gone so much smoother and I wouldn't have given up on her and the boys.

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