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    I just have to start by saying I feel everything flowerchild is feeling. DH is back at work this week, and I cry probably 3 or 4 hours while he is at work everyday. I HATE it because I don't want Tripp to pick up on how upset I am, but it is all so overwhelming to me. I met with a lactation consultant last Friday and she was SOO helpful, but even using a nipple shield everytime I BF (he is a bit tongue tied right now, so without it it KILLS me) it is still incredibly painful. I pump afterwards because I am a milk machine, and THAT kills also. It takes him at least an hour to get to sleep after feeding. I am so plain exhausted, and I finally sleep when he does in the morning (which has helped a little). I know everyone says ditch the house work at the beginning, but this is also cause for some of my angst...I just can't stand it, and my Mom just deep cleaned last week. I hate waking DH up at night, because he has to go work all day, then he gets home and he does some laundry or other things to help out and he takes Tripp for awhile so I can shower, few minutes to myself, but then I feel bad he has done so much (I guess I feel guilty for making him do so much). I am just a bag of emotions right now, and feel all alone This is supposed to be such a joyful time, so why am I so upset???

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    I sent you a PM !! I'm so sorry I know what you are going thru I just went thru it .
    How's that "Hope" and "Change" working out for you ?

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