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Thread: Sling users help!

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    Help Sling users help!

    I just got my first sling in the mail and I can't get it to work right. I put the little guy in it and it looked like he was being smothered! And his little neck was smooshed. I'm really worried about him not being able to breathe. I tried to prop his back up, to tilt his head back a bit, but it didn't work. Any suggestions? I have a New Native pouch sling and the little guy is about 8lbs.
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    I had hot slings for my last baby, which is the same thing and I could never get it to seam right or be comfortable for me I tried different sizes and it still didn't work out for me. Sorry I'm no help
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    as long as your little one's chin isn't smooshed down on his chest and he's comfy don't worry about it. you could also take a receiving blanket and tuck it in there to prop him up a bit more
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    Until Carter got big enough to sit up a lot more he always looked smooshed, all curled up n stuff but he LOVED it!!!
    Gearing up for deployment #2
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    We have a peanut shell and she looked like her little head was smoosehed but she was comfy and breathing

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