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Thread: Sling Question

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    Help Sling Question

    I'm dying without a way to carry DS around with me. He's too young to be in the carrier we purchased, but my cousin gave me a sling that she used. It's an "Over the Shoulder Baby Holder" and I can't figure it out! I found the website and followed the directions, but he looks so squashed and uncomfortable. Am I doing it wrong? Should I just get a different kind of carrier? We're kind of short on cash, but I really want to carry him around with me. Any suggestions?
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    I hated our sling and so did he. I got a baby hawk today but it was pretty pricey. I only had him in there for a few minutes and loved it!
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    The only way the sling has been comfortable for my munchkin is in a hip carry, and you can't do that till they are older. For little babies, I prefer a more structured carrier like an Ergo or Mei Tai (babyhawk type carrier)
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    They will look a little squished...the idea of a sling-type carrier like a HS or PS is that the baby is positioned similar to how they were in the womb(frog position for the legs, arms tucked in)and close to you(warm).

    If he seems to like it, he's probably fine...

    Maybe you could post a pic so we can see how he fits in it? You may also just have the wrong size...

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