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Thread: Holding the bottle??

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    Question Holding the bottle??

    So my little Layla is 2 months old. I'm sure its pretty early for this but when do babies usually start holding the bottle on their own?

    Thanks Ladies!
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    gosh, DD was born in march, and one day in late june she just got tired of waiting for me to re-prop the bottel for her during a drs appt, and she grabbed it and help it tight while she drank form it. Im sure it is different for every baby, but Im guessing 3.5-4.5 months is about right
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    Ethan was probably about 7 months! It seemed like the PLaytex Nursers were hard for him to hold. When I used a sample Avent bottle, he held it just fine! That was around 6 months.
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    Depends on the baby. Mine never held their bottles on their own cause I always held them to feed them once they were weaned from the boob juice.

    The little boy I baby sit now is 11 months and doesnt hold his either.

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