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Thread: babywearin mamas

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    babywearin mamas

    What kind of carrier(s) do you use?
    Do you always use them?
    Do you prefer differnt types of carriers for different outings??

    ETA: Does your SO wear the baby too??

    We have a hotsling and a babyhawk - and since the babyhawk has come in I dont think Ive used the stroller, except maybe one time ! The sling I like to use in the house, and short trips, and the babyhawk for longer trips. The only time I use the stroller right now is if im shopping because I need to be able to try on clothes... !
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    I have a few different types and I will use them all! I will have one baby slinged and one in a stroller probably. I have to have a free hand somehow
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    I used an Ergo with Ethan. I LOVED it so much!!! I loved using it especially at the airport, when traveling all by myself with Ethan.
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    I use a ring sling for up til about 6 months, and then a Beco from 6 months until they are too big to wear on my back!
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    I have a homemade wrap that I really love!
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    I used my PS forever. Then when she got older & heavier I'd use her BH for longer trips.
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    I use a peanut shell. Ed says he will wear her when I get him a back carrier, he won't do the sling.
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    I have 2 RS. One JD and one blue flames. I used them all the way up till sy was around 1 to 1.5 yrs old. Trav used them too. Now Sy likes to be mobile so we just let him walk everywhere.

    I gotta find some new fabric to make some new ones for this little one.

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    I have two hotslings
    An ergo
    and a babyhawk

    I like the hotsling in the diaper bag, because it folds up nice and small, put him in a hip carry and go. I like the baby hawk around the neighborhood, I feel like I can let him go in that one, whereas with the slings, I always seem to keep one hand on him anyway My husband uses the ergo, or if we are going somewhere then he uses the ergo and I use the babyhawk for long-term carrying (hiking or going to the zoo, whatever), then we can both carry one kid.
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    i have a babyhawk and several wraps in varying lengths. i use them for errands where i can't have the stroller. if i'm going somewhere like the mall i usually bring in a carrier and the stroller because i use it for shopping lol
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