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Thread: Co-Sleeping moms?

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    Co-Sleeping moms?

    What do you do for naptime? Do you lay down with the baby, put them in their crib, put them in a playpen?

    I am having trouble getting my little guy to nap. He has one nap about an hour (occasionally 1 1/2 hrs) in the mornning. Then he has two, on the rare occasion three, 15-30 minute max naps the rest of the day. (he will be 5 months the end of the month). All of these he sleeps in my lap. If I put him down, he wakes up and there is no going back to sleeping. It's not a big deal. Doesn't bother me really. It just makes it hard to work from home during the day. Typing one handed is sloooooow. haha.

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    I usually napped when they did LOL
    But if I couldn't I often would lay down and nurse them to sleep and then sneak out of the bed
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    I had a chair that converted down. Like in a laying position. He was near me but not on me all the time.

    Most of the time i just slept with him though.
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    Most of the time Trent would sleep in my lap/arms. It caused me to stop and relax for a little bit. If I needed to get things done, I would lay in our bed, nurse him to sleep and SLOWLY roll out of the bed. With him use to sleeping in our bed, he never rolled out of bed at that age.
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    usu dd napped on me. however though she also napped in our bed sometimes too
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    We do both, nap together or apart. But we also are full on co sleepers, she starts off in her bed and when she gets up to nurse she stays in ours.
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    When Sy was younger I would nap with him. But as he got older he would nap in the pack and play in the living room or in the sling while I did laundry or dishes or watching tv.

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    I used to nap with her since I nursed her down for her nap. Now though she'll go down on the bed while I lay with her ...ok and I STILL nap with her
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    We always nap together. Well I say together, she starts out with me, when she falls odd I put her in her crib next to the bed, but we hold hands through the bars. That's a must.
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    I wish I woud have taken a nap with her but I do daycare so I had kids to watch. She starts out in my lap and then once she is sound asleep I put her in her crib.

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