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Thread: Good ole self doubt:(

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    Good ole self doubt:(

    So my mom had a baby scale and she let me borrow it. I weighed DD and then fed her so I could see how much she was eating during a feeding. It was only 2 ounces. Shouldnt she be eating more then that at 2.5 months DS was bottle fed but I know he ate more then that. DH gave her a bottle while I was at yard sales and she only ate 1 ounce, but then I came home a little bit later(30 min ish) and nursed her more. I am going to try again tomorrow with a different feeding, she tends to cluster feed at night so I am going to try one of her day feedings. I am so worried that she isnt getting enough, I know she has enough dipes and is growing good but she is a pound less then DS was at this age and she weighed more at birth.
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    most doctors will recommend not using weight gain as an indicator on a day to day basis. if your dr is saying that she is gaining okay that's what i'd go by.

    eta: every baby is different.
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    As long as she is gaining weight proportionally I am sure she is fine. You say that she is going through a good amount of diapers so that should be okay. Have you asked her doc about it?
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    Comparing to a previous child will mess you up. I used to do that with my son and daughter. My daughter, born first, was always way longer than my son, and he was close to her weights, but he weighed a pound more at birth. 9 and a half pounds. But he was so much shorter than her. So I was always second guessing myself, since he was strictly nursed, and she was nursed and formula supplemented. As long as her diapers are good, and she's feeding well, try not to worry. After 10 months my boy hit a growth spurt and wham, he's a monster now. No need to compare anymore, he more than caught up with my daughter at that age. Every child develops at different rates. Check with your doctor, but it sounds like things are good. If baby's happy, mama's happy.
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    Ellie used to do that... Eat around 2.5-3 ounces at a feeding. Hell, at 12 months she still only does 3-5 oz at a time... every baby is different. As long as she's gaining, don't worry about it. I happened to have very fatty BM.
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    As long as she is peeing enough and growing then she is getting enough. You are doing wonderful! and she will eat when and the amount she wants to eat.

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