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Thread: Colostrum (sp?)

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    Colostrum (sp?)

    ok so in May when i had my MC (only 1 mo along) i noticed that b4 it happened my brests were already producing colustrum--but the weird thing was is that it was kinda rusty colored? i was curious cuz i didnt know i was PG so i wanted to make sure what it was so i wiped it on a q-tip to see and it was colored wierd?

    Does that make sence? If so--is that normal? (this would have been baby #2)
    And now 4mo later I can express milk still--is that normal?

    WTHeck is going on with my body?

    Thanks for any insight!! Figuered this would be the bvast place to ask
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    It can be a funky color.

    Some people will keep lactating even when they arent nursing or pregnant.
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    i have been leaking for 2 months's normal

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