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Thread: extended breastfeeders....

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    extended breastfeeders....

    why did you chose to go longer than 1 year? how did your SO react? talk to me about the challenges of it? the benefits? how long past 1 year did you go?

    we are already going to go to 1 year at least and then see how things are going.
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    I did it simply for the bonding time & dd was NOT ready to give it up at all DH was very supportive
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    my first son nursed until 2...more cause he did it for comfort then and wasn't really ready to stop.
    With Annabelle she is 20 mths and we are well on our way to nursing until 2. I am going to try and wean her then but if she goes a few months over im not going to push it. Our nursing group always told us not to wean in the winter months so I may very well go over the 2 yr mark. She to loves it for the comfort.
    The only real problem sometimes is they just don't lay still always to nurse anymore...shes a total wiggle worm.
    DH is supportive of it...he had never really been around it anyways so had not a lot to go by.
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    It was just a natural transition for us. I always said I'd go until at least 1 and when that came around neither of us was ready to stop. Now that we're approaching her second birthday she has slowed down but still bf a couple times a day.

    As far as DH, I never asked him about what he thought about it. He had the choice to support me or to support me. lol He has asked a couple times over the past 6 months how much longer I was planning on bf but that was the extend of it.
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    It was never discuss when we would stop. I dont remember Joe having issues (except not having "his" boobs!) As time went I just figure we stopped when WE wanted. Not when I wanted, ya know? It slowly just turned into nighttime nursing and it was not that bad. I cause me to slow down and relax at night.
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    I nursed just over 24 months, and I kind of did child-led weaning. More like don't offer don't refuse but I did use a lot of distraction (which worked.) I was ready to stop at that point honestly...he was baby #2 who had nursed and I was tired LOL! But I never pushed him because nursing is more than food, it's an attachment deeper than that and I think really only nursing moms understand. It's like having your baby attached at the soul again (kind of like inutero LOL!)

    As for DH, he never said a word. He totally gets nursing and is very supportive and kind of an advocate about it too. I love him, LOL.

    Why we extended nursing...because it was better for him. He had surgery and also was hospitalized for rotavirus and both times I got nothing put positive comments about being able to comfort him and provide nurishment during those times.

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