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Thread: Nursing Bras

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    Nursing Bras

    How many nursing bras did you guys have/had? I got about 3 regular ones and now 1 night one. This doesn't inclue the ones from home that I got from Walmart. Those needed to go because my boobies are bigger. I'm wondering if I shoud order some more.
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    I have one that fits, and three nursing tanks which I wear most of the time. I am going to get another sportish type bra
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    I am really slacking in this department. I only have one so far. I had 7 I think while I nursed my other two and required more probably. I had to change them at least once a day because I am the biggest leaker out there. I want to get a few nursing tanks but I haven't found any good reasonably priced ones yet.
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    i have one i adore and about 3 that i can tolerate. i got mine from motherhood.
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    I have one I really like, a bravado, and I only have one because it was crazy expensive!! Then I have like... 3 regular ones and 3 night time ones that I can deal with.
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    I have 2 but havent worn either one. I've been wearing nursing tank tops from Target.
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    I have 3 that I'm nearly over flowing and 3 that I don't properly fit into

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    I have 3 maybe 4 nursing bras. 2 are really comfy. I think I got those at Walmart.

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