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Thread: Breastfeeding and surgery

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    Breastfeeding and surgery

    So I have to have my gall baldder removed possibly this Friday. I am worried about breastfeeding, I am thinking about renting a hospital grade pump to get as much stored as I can before I have it. Any advice from mommys who had surgery while exclusivley breastfeeding is welcome As well as any other advice. I have a call into her ped and I will be asking the doctor who preforms the surgery tomorrow. TIA!
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    I would get a really good pump and start pumping now and make sure you continue pumping a lot while you are in the hospital if you can't BF her while there! The most important thing is to keep your supply up.
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    I had my tubes tied while exclusively breastfeeding. They gave me a narcotic that wouldn't pass through my breastmilk, or had no effect if it did? Can't remember. Tramadol or Toradol maybe? Not exactly sure. But they said I was fine to continue to breastfeed normally. I did already have tons of milk stored though, but it was a day surgery so I only ended up needing 3 bottles.
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    If this ever happens again have them check hale's for pain meds you can take while breast feeding.

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