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Thread: Forceful letdown/reflux ?

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    Forceful letdown/reflux ?

    Ok I am not asking for medical advie

    I will try and not have this come off as confusing... I think DD may have reflux, but as I was reading on I think that it may be caused by my forceful letdown. She constantly pulls off during letdown or gulps/gasps for air. She pulls off a lot while nursing and spits up a lot. She is super gassy and she just randomly screams out of no where. She has now converted from sleeping good with us to sleeping much better in her bouncy seat where she is slightly inclined.

    I am no doctor but all the symptoms of uncomplicated reflux are things she has/does and it says it can be cause by forceful letdown which are also all things that I have or she has. The other day I was nursing on one side and during the letdown I put a bottle up to the other side to see how much I got and I got a 1/2 ounce out in about 2 minutes without putting any pressure on my nipple or breast.

    This one site says to cut out dairy but how can that be good for me to not have any milk or anything? I dont want her to be in pain and puking all the time. Because as soon as she pukes she wants to eat again and its very tireing. I also cant carry her around all day long and aparently I am RS dumb because even with videos I cant get her into the cradle HELP!!!
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    There is a really good web site that has good information on reflux and breast feeding . I think it is infant . I used to go on there forums all the time because I was having problems with my son last year.
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    I'm no doctor, but my DD had GERD (what you're describing). These are some common symptoms:

    Projectile vomiting
    Excessive spitting-up
    Screaming and/or crying during and after feedings
    Painful and excessive gas
    Arching of the back
    Legs stay drawn up
    Turns head to the left frequently

    Go see your pediatrician. We had to do the elimination diet because of other issues for DD. But they said to cut out gassy foods (broccoli, onions, etc) to help DD.

    They put her on Zantac twice a day and what a difference. It's not harmful to them at all, and it was like night and day with my DD. She was on it for about 7 months. A crib wedge may help you too. If you let your child sleep in a bouncy for a long time, you're going to have a harder time transitioning to the crib/bed later on. So maybe a wedge that gives the incline but keeps her in the bed would be worth a try.

    If you want someone to talk to about GERD, feel free to let me know. We've been there!
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    Projectile vomiting She pukes but not projectile
    Excessive spitting-up She does this
    Screaming and/or crying during and after feedings She does this
    Painful and excessive gas And this
    Arching of the back and this
    Legs stay drawn up and this
    Inconsolable Sometimes but not always

    Turns head to the left frequentlyim not really sure about this one.

    The only reason I didnt call the ped yet is because I didnt know if they would do anything or if they would even be able to tell me if that is what it was. I will call them and see what they say. Thanks
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    also try feeding less -more frequently with frequent burping. This will help get some of the air out of her tummy. Try giving her gas drops with every feeding.
    Try sitting her up at a 45 degree angle during the feeding and keeping her like that for atleast 15 min after your finished.

    hopefully you'll find something that works.

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    I had the over active letdown with DD she had all of those things show up. I went ahead and nursed on one side during the day and rotated at night. I tended to nurse on the side that wasn't as producing...not sure if yours are like that. It really really helped. A couple of other girls in my nursing group at the time that had similar issues did that and it helped them also.

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