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Thread: Check me out! I was so proud of myself!!

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    Check me out! I was so proud of myself!!

    So my Aidan is sickie boy, he has been trying to shake off an ear infection and is SUPER clingy, so I've had all my carrier in the car. (usually I only leave one.) This morning my DH had to take the car into work and the kids and I were still asleep.

    Desperate to get breakfast made for Katrina...but ACK: no carrier!!! What to do!!

    I pulled 2 yards of fabric from my fabric stash pull around my back around DS and under my arms, and tied it up in a good solid knot!! And you know what!! IT WORKED!!! I'm not a wrapping mama so I was most def. impressed with myself!!

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    Way to be creative. Looks like it worked well. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    Way to do it old school mama!

    He looks so happy snuggling up with you....he's a cutie!
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    Thats awesome girl
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    AWWW what a cutie. Great job I can't tell from the angle but to make it even more secure you can put the fabric over one shoulder and under the other arm.

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