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Thread: Breastfeeding each child

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    Breastfeeding each child

    Was it different to breastfed each child? Did you have latching problems after you first child?

    We did so well with Trent and I am getting nervous it was first timers luck.
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    I did great with #2, better even than #1. Probably because I felt less tense about the whole process. The only time I had trouble latching was when I was really, really engorged.
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    YES, very different.

    I didn't nurse long at all with Jaxon b/c I had the worst recovery possible after my c-section, he had severe colic and motherhood was just hard and not what I expected since Jason was on sea duty. So, our breastfeeding experience was NOT good at all.

    With Shelby, it went MUCH better. She nursed like a pro from the start, no real latch issues or anything else to deal with.

    With Hunter, it went not so great at first b/c he had really bad latch issues that made my nipples constantly bleed and puss and then he developed really bad reflux and was crying through feedings and it just become incredibly stressful for both of us.

    I'm interested to find out how things go with Chase b/c I know how much it can differ from child to child.
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    I am wondering this as well. My DS was awesome at nursing and I'm scared the new baby won't be so great. I hope that's not true though.
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    I had the hardest time w/ my first. It got easier w/ my dd and even more so w/ my 3rd. I hope this time is even easier. It was latch problems w/ my first so I ended up just pumping for him. That made me even more determined to not do that w/ my DD. She was a great nurser.
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    It was slightly more difficult with Madison. She was my first, I had a c-section, she was early... Even though she was a great nurser it was just that whole learning process and then she quit nursing at a year old.

    With Hayden it just felt easier from the start but I had a VBAC, knew what I was doing and he was full term. He also nursed until around 15 months.

    Some physical differences... I leaked horribly with Madison and was often engorged feeling, at least the first couple of months. With Hayden though I hardly leaked at all, never felt engorged but still had lots of milk. I think it was thicker. Not having huge swollen boobies made nursing easier too
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    I do think if you had a good bf session with your first child, you are more likly to repeat it. I had a great one with my first and I can't wait (kinda) for my next one.

    I admire people that try and couldn't due to medical issues.
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    Things went fantastic the first time and 3 1/2 years later when my daughter was born it was like riding a bike. She did wonderful. I had less milk but I think that was just her. She didn't drink nearly as much as he did.
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    I had a horrible experience with DD to the point that I didn't want to try with this one AT ALL. But I talked to my doctor and DH, decided that it couldn't hurt to give BF another try and just to not stress out about it like I did DD. So I'll let you know at the end of August how things go
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    I hardly BF Z due to supply and laziness issues.... ELlie is now 10 months and going strong

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