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Thread: Self proclaimed co sleeper

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    Self proclaimed co sleeper

    I think I have one of them on my hands DD sleeps much better when she is in bed with us. She was sleeping great in the pack and play but she has been sleeping with us for a few nights. Its much easier although I still plan on having her in her crib by 6 weeks. one can dream right
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    Sometimes not fighting it and just going with the flow works! Glad sleeping is going better.
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    I went with the flow with our first, she slept a blissful 6 hours when she slept with me as a newborn. lol YDD did not like co sleeping she loved to be alone. DS could take it or leave it.

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    Weston Co-slept with me for the first 5 weeks and then transitioned really easy to the crib at that point. We started with his naps and went from there by 6 weeks he was completely sleeping in the crib. I slept more soundly with him not in bed with me.
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    It was totally opposit in our house. My DS doesn't sleep well at all without someone next to him. From newborn on. We got more sleep when he was sleeping with us then on his own.

    To this day, it is the same thing. Very rough sleeper.
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    just go with it. we cosleep anytime after 2 am once she gets up
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    My son wanted nothing to do with his bassinet when he was a newborn, so we cos-lept with him. After about 6 -8 weeks he started transitioning to his bassinet and crib, starting with naps.
    At about 2-3 months he was sleeping fine in his crib.

    When we have another baby I will probably co-sleep again, it made the night-time nursing sessions way easier and we all got more sleep.
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    I loveeee co-sleeping! We all sleep so well, it's wonderful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by harrisonsdream View Post
    just go with it. we cosleep anytime after 2 am once she gets up
    Thats what I do.
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    Madison sleeps a lot better when she's in the bed with us too and we're trying to get her to sleep in her crib. And man, it has been pure hell, especially tonight. We're working on her at least starting off sleeping in her crib and if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she comes to bed with us. She doesn't do too bad during naps in her crib, but they're just little cat naps.

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