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Thread: Boob preferance?

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    Boob preferance?

    DD seems to like one boob more then the other. I know that is fairly common but is there anything I can do to not let the one side slow production? Its the side she doesnt latch on to all that well...and ironically its the bigger boob
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    My son used to do that, the lactician (sp) told me to pump the other side down a little so it would be easier for him to latch on. It's worked a little better, and the pumping helped with production.

    p.s. Pardon my spelling... it's not my best quality!
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    It was always the bigger boob that mine didn't like too, because it was harder to latch I guess.

    My only advice is to pump the other side to keep up production. And maybe try expressing some and then trying to get her to latch.
    Needs work.

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