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Thread: Some exciting news :)

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    Big Grin Some exciting news :)

    I went to a baby shower yesterday for DH's cousin. This morning I was mentioning how many packs of diapers she received. I have always been interested in CDing, so I wanted to bring it up to DH, but was dreading his reaction. He already calls my family and myself "hippies" because we are into organic things and health food and such, so I knew he would be against CDing also. Well to my surprise, he actually thought it might be a good idea!! When we talked about the price difference, I think that is what won him over. I am so excited, even though I am not pregnant, because I have been thinking about this for a long time. Now, if only my body would conceive a baby

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    That's great!!
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    awww good choice. i'm glad your hubby was all for it!

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