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Thread: Breastfeeding And Thrush?

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    Breastfeeding And Thrush?

    I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for getting rid of thrush. My DD has it, and I got a prescription for her, but they didn't give me anything for my nipples. I read that you have to treat both the nipples and the baby, or the baby will just keep getting it back, but I don't know how to clear it up on me. So if anyone knows what I'm supposed to be doing I'd greatly appreciate it the help!

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    You put the medicine on your nipples.
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    try Genetian Violet

    you can get it at a drug store. check
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    The doctor should give you a prescription for that. A friend of my DF's auntie got it while she was breastfeeding her daughter and they cleared the daughter up and she kept breastfeeding then her daughter got it again because she was supposed to get medicine for her and the doctor forgot......?? But, yeah, if you dont it will keep coming back. My daughter got it when she was two because she would always take me nephews pacifier who had it and one day i saw some white stuff in the inside of her mouth and i took her to the doctor and it was thrash.
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    Make an appointment with you PCM they can give you a script for diflocam (its a pill) you take it and it will get rid of any extra yeast you may have. Thats what they did for me when Jacob had thursh.
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    If they gave her Nystatin in the dropper, just put some one your nipples after she is done eating and then let it air dry. Actually if walking around with your boobs out is an option for you, you should do it. The cooler and drier your breasts are the harder it is for the yeast to survive.
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    dude, y'all are awesome.

    I was actually about to post a thread about this, but someone beat me to it. Thank ya kindly

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