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Thread: my milk hasn't came in yet worried she won't take my breast!!

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    my milk hasn't came in yet worried she won't take my breast!!

    So I really wanted to breast feed, and in the hospital I tried....she would latch on and what not but once she realized nothing was really coming out she would stop, so finally after a few tries and struggling because she wouldn't stay on, I felt like she wasn't getting anything from my breast anyways since my milk hasn't came we started giving her formula, and I know theres a chance that once my milk does come in and she will be so used to bottles that she won't take to my breast, I know I can pump and put the milk into a bottle, but its all just frusterating I guess...I woke up this morning and my boobs were HUGE and felt heavy and somewhat harder...the past couple days nothing was coming out not even the colostrum..I took a super hot shower and finally got more colostrum to come out so maybe the milk will come soon...But I am still trying the breast feeding thing just so she knows and hopefully it will work and she can breast feed if not I'll pump and hope she drinks my milk from the bottle even after having the formula for the past few days...

    I dunno I guess this is a vent or just to talk...being a mommy its all new..but I am loving every second of it!!!
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    i would pump when you can to try and get the milk flowing...also regardless or not if your milk is coming yet i would hold her to your breast so she can get the feel of it and be used to it...that way she doesn't get used to the bottle only...

    congrats again

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    Before my milk came in they weren't huge or heavy or firm - it sounds like you're right on the brink, as far as milk coming in. I know it's frustrating, just work with her. She has to learn just like you With DD I had to pump and feed, and it was such a nightmare - such a hassle. DS nurses no problem - I just had to be patient and teach him.
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    before you feed her formula, make sure you always put her to your breast first. Even if "nothing" is coming out, you need the stimulation to get your supply going. I'd see about calling your local LLL and talking to someone. They can usually give you advice. If there's a meeting soon, you can go in and see if maybe she's not latching correctly. I know its frustrating, but stick with it. It's VERY rare for a woman to not produce milk, and thats usually women with a preexisting condition.
    If your milk doesn't come in in another day or two, I'd hit up the local GNC and get fenugreek, eat lots of oatmeal (there are some yummy mommy milk oatmeal cookie recipes out there...if you want one, let me know!)....make sure you drink tons of water, get rest and eat. Everything will be fine!

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