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Thread: Paci fier question and DD not napping

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    Paci fier question and DD not napping

    Hi all Well before I ask, here is some background...
    Well today I was talking to a counseling nurse because I was afraid of my baby blues being full-on postpartum depression. My little Isabel will be 4 weeks this Tuesday.
    Well, I mostly care for her by myself. For 4 or 5 days in a row she will seem to cluster feed. I mean every hour on the hour all day for like around 5-30 minutes (sometimes just on one breast, sometimes on both).
    When I told the counselor, she said that I should wait at least 2 hours before feeding her. In the meantime, like if she's just had a full meal and 15 minutes later she is crying while I'm still holding her, I should give her a pacifier... because what DD wants is sucking for comfort, not because she's hungry.
    So, I'm a little torn. I'm breastfeeding on demand but sometimes I don't even have time to eat myself because of how often DD wants the breast. It's very emotionally draining for me too.

    Do any of you who breastfeed on demand give your LOs a pacifier? I'm just worried about weaning her too.

    Another question is that I know newborns typically (I know all babies are different ) sleep 13-20 hours a day, but in the daytime, my LO won't sleep unless it's in someone's arms or on a drive in the car. DO any of you have any advice? Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance if you read all this!

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    I didnt breastfeed my son but he did have a pacifier. It helped a lot so that he didnt think he needed to be fed all the time. Good luck
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    Babies have a natural tendency to suck. If you don't want him to have the paci, try his fist. The fist is harder then the paci to break. Also, he is probly going through a growth spurt. They need more comfort. Try a sling or a carrier for you and baby. He will be close and you can get things done.

    Good Luck.
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