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Thread: Constipation help

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    Constipation help

    My son is exactly a week old and for the first 5 days I breastfed but I can't keep doing so and had to switch him to formula. I tried asking his doctor to help me choose one but she told me they were all the same and rushed out of the room (I'm switching pediatricians) so when we went to the store we picked out the Similac Advance with Iron. For the last day and a half, he's eaten normally, but NOT had a bowel movement. I knew he had to poop--red face, straining, crying, etc but nothing was working. I gave him 4 oz. of water and even that didn't help. He finally pooped a couple hours ago, and boy was it big. I know he was constipated due to switching from breastmilk to formula so my question is, do I try different kinds of formula until I find one that doesn;t make him as constipated? Or do I stick with this one and let him get used to it? I've been told 2 different things---1 to switch until I find one that seems to agree with him better and then I've also been told that if I switch formulas that will just make it worse! Which one??

    Note: Please if you're going to respond, don't go on an don about how great breastmilk is and how I shouldn't be formula feeding. I KNOW all this, I'm not ABLE to breastfeed and boy have I tried. I've seen 3 different lactation consultants, tried 2 different pumps and it's still too painful. I didn't make the decision to switch to formula lightly-actually it was devestating because I was so excited to breastfeed and I can't tell you guys how upset I am that I can't, so promoting breastfeeding to me is really just rubbing it in that I can't. I posted this same question on a different website and those were pretty much the only responses that I got, which hurt. Thank you.
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    My son has a pooping problem! My dr said it happens to a lot of boys...He is 4 months and has one about every other day...If he gets constipated (when he wa a little guy) we switched cause we thought the iron was too much for him...But out dr said you can lube a thermoter and place it in his rectum, and sometimes that helps them go...
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    alot of Breastfed babies don't poop much... they can go 3-5 days between poops because it's easy for them to absorb all of the nutrients. Now if you're switching between formula & breastmilk, that can be rough on their system. Stick to one.

    Have you tried the running thing with his legs? you know.. hold his legs & move them like he's running, press his legs against his tummy, rub his tummy.

    I'm not sure what else to suggest. He's too young for juice/ prunes... I hope it gets better soon!!

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    athena has HORRIBLE constipation first we try diluted juice no more than 4 oz and if that doesnt work the doctor gave us a prescription for miralax and if that doesnt work then she gets a suppository
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    I don't know about breast fed babies but my DH has had major constipation issues. He is 8 so alot of this may not apply. You can try to stimulate a BM by taking a rectal temp, water and apple juice. But yours is so little I don't know if that could apply. Both my kids had to have soy formula because of the problem regular caused. Like I said now he is 8. So we use fibersure and I adjust his diet. He has an apple juice a day, lots of green veggies, rasins, the have yogert for this very reason, lots of water and we keep prune juice at all times and he knows when he needs it because he will tell me he thinks he is getting constipated and will get a glass. Sometime we do need to give him an ennema(sp). He has been checked and nothing is wrong. I was just told some kids and adults even have cronic constipation. Again my Ds is older so in your case I would be talking with the Dr and he or she would NOT be rushing me out the door. As far as it being big. Let me tell you that first time this happened with Ds he was on the potty in pain and finally went. It was HUGE. I was freaking how thinking how something so big could come out of someone so small. Not trying to be gross but it was giant. I called the Dr ASAP and she told me that the intestins(sp) streatch so if he has a small impaction what can will go around and the intestinsd are able to streatch out and it get that big. I was told it was very painful to pass(no kidding). Anyway I know I am going on and on. it's not even 7am and I am a bit . PM me if I can help.
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    When my oldest was a baby he only went twice /week. the docs said it was normal as he was healthy.
    Try Soya Formula instead as he might have a lactos intolerance . Baby massage helps. It makes them relax all the muscles.
    Rub stomach and back in circular movements, massage his legs ,make cycle movements and then push the knees lightly towards the stomach.
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    I know Iron is good for babies, but sometimes it can stop them going. I didn't have any problem with my boys, but I know my niece gots 5 days with out pooping. Hope it happens soon.

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    You could try infant massage or use a little dark caro syrup. That is what dd's ped recommended and it worked. Also Similac Advanced is what we used but we tried the Similac advanced with Iron and it gave dd problems. The regular similac advanced has iron in it.
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    bailey has the same problem. her dr told me 100% juice not watered down. so now she gets about 3 ozs of pear juice 2 or 3 times a week. pear juice is the only juice that gets her moving.

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